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Dunlop Launches the Trigger Fly Capo

Dunlop Launches the Trigger Fly Capo

The Trigger Fly Capo builds on the original Trigger Capo—Dunlop’s most popular capo design—designed for better handling and tuning stability.

First released in 1995, the original Dunlop Trigger Capo quickly became the go-to for live performances—it can be placed anywhere with a quick squeeze of the hand thanks to its sleek, lightweight design and balanced tension. The Trigger Fly Capo takes all of that to the next level with a more ergonomic grip, a specially engineered spring mechanism for precise, even pressure and easy placement, and an optimized rubber pad that allows notes and chords to ring out with smooth clarity up and down the fingerboard.

Trigger Fly Capo highlights:

  • Our most popular design with better handling and tuning stability than ever
  • Streamlined grip for more comfortable, ergonomic feel
  • Custom spring mechanism for easy placement and precise intonation
  • Optimized fret pad ensures notes ring out with smooth clarity
  • Available in black, satin chrome, and gun metal finishes
  • $25.99 MSRP

Dunlop Trigger Fly Capo

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