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Electro-Harmonix Unveils the Satisfaction Plus Fuzz

Electro-Harmonix Unveils the Satisfaction Plus Fuzz

The EHX Satisfaction Fuzz, released in 2014, was designed as an homage to the tone of the early fuzz pedals of the '60s. The Satisfaction Plus has expanded controls and a FAT mode for a wider pallet of fuzztones.

​Housed in EHX’s Nano-sized chassis, the Satisfaction Plus features Volume, and Attack knobs like the original plus Tone and Bias controls and a FAT/NORM mode switch. Volume controls the overall output volume level while the Attack control sets the amount of gain. The Tone control is an active tilt-shift EQ that inversely controls both the treble and bass of the fuzz. The Bias control lets you dial in the fuzz character from balanced and open to gated and sputtery. The FAT/NORM mode switch toggles from the original circuit to a circuit with a bigger, warmer tone.

Electro-Harmonix Satisfaction Plus Fuzz

Electro-Harmonix Satisfaction Plus Fuzz Pedal

Satisfaction Plus Fuzz Pedal

​The EHX Satisfaction Plus features true bypass switching, comes equipped with a 9 Volt battery, and accepts a standard EHX 9 Volt power supply. It is available now and features a U.S. Street Price of $99.00.

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