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Eventide Unveils the H90 Harmonizer

Eventide Unveils the H90 Harmonizer

Eventide’s new flagship pedal features 62 studio-quality effects and flexible I/O.

Eventide Audio has introduced its latest addition to the storied Harmonizer family, the H90 Harmonizer next-generation multi-effects pedal. Building on the foundation of the H9 Harmonizer multi-effects processor, the H90 offers 62 effect algorithms and hundreds of program combinations curated for a variety of instruments and genres. The compact H90 features include comprehensive I/O, flexible routing options, an intuitive UI designed for players, and a built-in tuner. Its modern ARM-based architecture, derived from the world’s most powerful effects processor, Eventide's flagship H9000 Harmonizer, gives the H90 the power to accommodate the ongoing creation of advanced, next-gen effects.

Along with the iconic reverbs, delays, modulation, and pitch shifting effects of the H9 Max, the H90 offers 10 new powerful algorithms including state-of-the-art, fast-tracking, and warble-free Polyphonic Pitch Shifting using Eventide’s proprietary SIFT (Spectral Instantaneous Frequency Tracking) technology.

Six additional H90-exclusive algorithms are: Prism Shift, which lets users generate three voices from a single chord with separated, staggered, and pitch-shifted intervals to create four arpeggio types spanning up to three octaves; Even-Vibe provides an authentic Uni-Vibe emulation reimagined in stereo with envelope followers; Wormhole is a mega-sized hyper-modulated reverb with pitch warping performance; Head Space recreates a vintage four-head Tape Delay with classic and modern creative tone shaping control; Bouquet Delay is a Bucket Brigade Delay (BBD) with modulation, LoFi and Modern flavors, enhanced for performance; and WeedWacker is a two-stage, serial overdrive reminiscent of a famous green pedal.

Introducing the Eventide H90 Harmonizer®

The H90 front panel has been reimagined for expanded hands on control and parameter feedback by way of five push knobs, seven LED buttons, and a hi-res OLED display. Two large push knobs allow players to switch between SELECT, BANK, and PERFORM modes with ease. In PERFORM mode, players have six programmable footswitches. Functions like tap tempo, preset, insert bypass, or momentary states can be mapped and used to engage options like reverb freeze, pitch flex or delay repeat, while multiple instantaneous parameter changes can be made with three HotSwitches.

Expression mappings can be hand-adjusted with the PERFORM HotKnob. Up to six individual assignable parameters can be engaged with the three push-button Quick Knobs. Even more control is possible via two inputs for either expression pedals, auxiliary switches with up to three buttons, or CV control, along with extensive MIDI control.

Organizing sounds for a gig is made easy by the H90’s Playlist management. In SELECT mode, users can navigate their Playlist sequentially and in BANK mode, players can quickly load from a bank of three Programs – perfectly suited to cueing up a range of sounds for a song.

Eventide H90 Harmonizer Multi-Effects Pedal

Eventide’s H90 Harmonizer re-defines the sonic possibilities of a multi-effects pedal, seamlessly merging the studio-level versatility of Eventide’s flagship H9000 rack unit with the streamlined form factor of the H9 Max pedal. The H90 Harmonizer starts with all of the 52 algorithms found in the H9 Max pedal — all derived from the same ARM-based architecture found on the H9000 — then tops off this formidable foundation with 10 all-new algorithms for even greater versatility.

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