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Great Eastern FX Introduces the Design-a-Drive

Great Eastern FX Introduces the Design-a-Drive

The latest from Great Eastern FX Co. is equipped with a pair of unique tone-shaping controls and is built to "redesign" on the fly.

Great Eastern FX have come up with a pair of original, proprietary EQ controls, dubbed ‘Width’ and ‘Edge’. The Edge knob controls the top end of the frequency spectrum, simultaneously adjusting two separate filters – a gentle treble roll-off and a more intense cut in the high presence region – as well as subtly affecting the aggressiveness of the circuit’s hard-clipping diodes, letting you dial in precisely the desired amount of bite, grit and presence.

Like Edge, the Width control does exactly what the name suggests. Ranging from ‘Thin’ to ‘Fat’, this six-position rotary switch reshapes the pedal’s mid-range response – probably the biggest single factor in dictating how well your guitar, amp and OD pedal will get along. Via this simple control, the Design-a-drive lets you dictate where across the frequency spectrum your amp gets pushed and by how much. Finally, wide-ranging Gain and Level controls mean that, with the gain turned down, the pedal can be used as a powerful tone shaper and clean boost, on its own or stacked with other drives and fuzzes. According to Great Eastern FX, you can set the pedal to be as transparent and true to your original tone as possible, or configure it to do exactly the opposite, making single-coils sound thick and meaty or rendering humbuckers lean and incisive.

Design-a-drive: single-coil sounds | Great Eastern FX Co.

The Design-a-drive is available now from and dealers worldwide.