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Hologram Introduces Chroma Console

Hologram Introduces Chroma Console

A flexible multi-effect pedal that takes inspiration from the eccentricity of vintage recording technology and delivers it through an intuitive user interface.

Chroma Console offers 20 stereo effects, organized into 4 discrete modules: Character (dynamics and distortion), Movement (modulation), Diffusion (time-based effects) and Texture (collection of textural effects). The modules can be used independently or in combination, offering users a wide-ranging sonic palette in the studio or on stage.

With Chroma Console, users can easily re-order effect modules and experiment with different signal chains. This encourages experimentation, like processing reverb through a fuzz, running a reverse delay into a pitch shifter, or sending the evocative, gritty sound of an aging cassette recorder into a stereo double-tracker.

Other unique Chroma Console offerings include GESTURE, a hands-on modulation tool that allows you to record and loop knob movements in real-time. CAPTURE, a 30-second looper, can be used to create ephemeral loops or looped musical phrases.

Hologram Electronics Chroma Console


  • Designed and assembled by hand in Knoxville, TN
  • Up to 80 user presets for instant recall of your favorite sounds.
  • Power via 500mA 9V center-negative adapter (included with pedal)
  • Configurable bypass settings: buffered, buffered with trails, true bypass switching
  • TRS expression input mappable to any primary control
  • Automatic input calibration for use with instrument level and line level sources

Chroma Console is available for $399 USD exclusively on Hologram’s website: