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Human Technologies Unveils Amp Driver Pedal

Human Technologies Unveils Amp Driver Pedal

Featuring switchable tube simulating gain stages and EQ filter controls, this hand-crafted pedal is designed to deliver organic tones and precise tonal control.

Human Technologies has launched their first guitar pedal, the Amp Driver. Featuring a newly designed circuit, the Amp Driver offers a transparent natural overdrive that can take any amp from slight boost to extreme high gain. The AmpDriver offers all new switchable tube simulating gain stages and EQ filter controls that re-voice the incoming guitar signal.

The pedal’s unique offerings begin with its Pre Gain and Post Gain 2-position on/off switches. Pre Gain adds an additional tube simulating gain stage to the Amp Driver. This gain stage is located before the Overdrive circuit and acts like having a tube based clean boost before a classic overdrive pedal, allowing more sustain and distortion than would otherwise be available. Post Gain adds a tube simulating gain stage after the main overdrive circuit of the pedal. This sound is clearer, edgier, and raunchier than the other modes and makes for a great distortion pedal or pushed amp tone. It also makes the Tone and Presence controls less sensitive so you may want to turn these down further than normal to tame the higher frequencies when the Post Gain is activated.

This Makes a Good Amp GREAT | Human Amp Driver

The pedal’s Focus and Tight switches are 2-position on/off pre-gain EQ filters that fine-tune the bass frequencies of the incoming guitar signal. The Focus switch cuts some of the loose bass frequencies and tightens up the sound. It’s great for getting a crunchier, more precise rhythm tone and a clearer lead tone, impacting the feel as well as the sound of your guitar. The Tight control is only operational when the Focus is engaged, hence the arrow on the pedal graphic panel. The Tight mode revoices the Focus mode to achieve maximum tightness, clarity and in higher gain situations searing crunch tones. It gives the pedal the tightest, crunchiest tone possible.

To deliver this sonic performance Human Technologies employs premium quality components and build quality. High end audio jacks, potentiometers, switches and German made WIMA capacitors have been utilized to deliver a pedal that not only sounds excellent but offers the reliability needed on stage and in studio.


  • Beautiful Organic Overdrive, Clean Boost and Distortion Tones.
  • Refine your tone or create the ultimate metal crunch using the Focus and Tight filter controls
  • Transparent Tone and Presence knobs allow for precise control over final tone.
  • Switchable Tube Simulating Gain Stages Before and After OD Circuit
  • High quality WIMA signal capacitors for the finest sound possible.
  • High Quality Switchcraft Jacks and Alpha Footswitch
  • True Bypass Switching
  • 9V DC from standard external power supply (not included) – no battery compartment

All Amp Driver Pedals are built by hand in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom to the highest possible quality using the finest components available. The pedal is available for $230 at

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