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J. Rockett Unveils the Clockwork Echo

J. Rockett Unveils the Clockwork Echo

"Everyone loves a classic bucket brigade analog delay from the 70's - 90's but many had drawbacks. Drawbacks included less controllability, dark repeats, noisy components and limited functionality" says Chris Van Tassel.

"We approached legendary creator of the Deluxe Memory Man, Howard Davis, with a modified concept of a classic but with our spin on it. Maintaining the integrity of the original design but adding features all modern players have come to expect. The results shocked even us!".

The Clockwork Echo features:

●Analog bucket brigade chips for the classic analog tone you have been searching for

●Tap tempo

●True stereo output (One side out of phase)

●Two expression pedal control inputs for repeats and delay time

●Foot switchable modulation and full speed and depth controls

●"Always On" boost which can be used whether the delay is engaged or not

●True Bypass

The Clockwork Echo is available now for $399. Available for purchase via all J. Rockett Audio Designs dealers.

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