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Jackson Introduces the American Series Soloist SL3

Jackson Introduces the American Series Soloist SL3

A high-performance American-made flagship electric guitar, crafted for speed and produced for the heaviest players.

Starting with the classic Speed Neck profile from beloved Jackson Soloists of decades past, the profile has been suped up to include masterfully rolled edges for maximum comfort. Complimenting this profile is a compound radius that starts at 12” at the nut and flattens to 16” at the 12th fret to promote screaming bends and intricate finger work as players move up the neck. Player-focused features like Luminlay side dots to illuminate the fretboard on the darkest of stages and quick access truss rod adjustment to make easy neck relief adjustments ensure the Soloist is optimized for speed and precision.

The “Concorde” six-on-a-side headstock visually represents the precision of the instrument with its razor-sharp profile. The model is laden with quality features usually found only in custom domestic builds or import models including a Floyd Rose 1500 and neck-through construction. Offering four finishes — Riviera Blue, Platinum Pearl, Black Gloss and Slime Green Satin.

The American Series Soloist | Jackson Guitars

MSRP: $2,499.99 - $2,599.99. For more information, visit