Joe Bonamassa and Epiphone Team Up for the Lazarus 1959 Les Paul Standard

Epiphone, the accessible brand for every stage, presents the new Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Lazarus 1959 Les Paul Standard, now available worldwide. As the ninth signature guitar from the pre-eminent blues guitarist of his generation, Joe Bonamassa and Epiphone collaborated to bring to life the Lazarus guitar, which was based off one of Joe's most-rare finds, a 1959 Les Paul Standard that needed a full restoration. The Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Lazarus 1959 Les Paul Standard is officially available worldwide at all authorized Epiphone dealers and on

"We wanted to make a model that was accessible to everyone at a price point that you could buy it and go out and gig with it; it looks and feels like the original guitar," says Joe Bonamassa. "It's gig-ready, and it's a great tool to have whether you're playing out live, in the studio, or just having fun at home annoying your neighbors." "Joe Bonamassa is a custodian of Gibson by virtue of having put together one of the most epic guitar collections in the world, as a musician and guitarist he continues to inspire fans to pick up a guitar and play," says Cesar Gueikian, Brand President, Gibson Brands. "The Epiphone Lazarus 1959 Burst is a re-creation of Joe's storied 1959 Gibson Lazarus Burst, which was once hiding under a thick red coat of paint and was brought back to its original finish thanks to Joe. Today, Lazarus travels with Joe and is seen on stages all over the globe. The story of Lazarus is one worth checking out and we hope this Epiphone creation inspires players of all levels."

As the story goes, a red, dinged-up Les Paul was brought to Joe's table at Barone's in Hollywood, which in turn launched an impromptu investigation into the true origin of the guitar in question. Kim LaFleur, of Historic Makeovers, confirmed Joe's suspicions that the guitar was indeed a 1959 Les Paul Standard. Joe was ecstatic and so moved by this stroke of good fortune that he named the guitar "Lazarus." Much like Lazarus of the Bible, this '59 Les Paul literally came back from the dead, and once restored, the guitar's stunningly figured top was revealed. Not wanting that to be the end of the story, Joe teamed up with Epiphone to honor this great guitar with an artist model aptly named the Epiphone Joe Bonamassa "Lazarus" 1959 Les Paul Standard. The Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Lazarus 1959 Les Paul Standard is the first Epiphone model to include a One-Piece Mahogany Neck. Lazarus also features a mahogany body with a maple cap that is topped with a wide-grain AAAA flame maple veneer. The sweet tone comes from some of Joe's favorite pickups; Gibson BurstBuckers paired with 50s style wiring and CTS® potentiometers and Mallory™ capacitors. The Lazarus comes with a vintage-style case sporting Bonamassa graphics and a certificate of authenticity.

Joe Bonamassa “Lazarus” 1959 Les Paul Standard

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