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Lollar Pickups Releases DC J-Bass Pickup

Lollar Pickups Releases DC J-Bass Pickup

Lollar Pickups introduces the DC J-Bass, a hum-cancelling pickup for jazz basses designed to offer classic tone without the hum.

According to General Manager Rick Vanselow, “Though we continue to build our vintage-inspired single-coil version of J-Bass pickups, we also recognize the differing needs of our customers and are pleased to respond to that demand for quieter operation with this new hum-cancelling design.”

"The DC J-Bass is a great solution to noise or interference issues, but it’s also well-suited to players looking for a slightly hotter and fuller-bodied Jazz Bass voice. It is designed to be equally complementary as a set of two, or as the bridge pickup in a PJ set."

Lollar works with many studio artists, session players, and musicians on the road where inconsistent power and environmental factors such as interference from stage lights and other equipment can lead to a lot of unwanted noise from single-coils. After listening to countless customer requests, they were inspired to take on the task of building a hum-cancelling J-Bass pickups. The DC J-Bass is available immediately and ships with black covers.

​The retail price for the DC J-Bass is $155.

Lollar also offers a PJ set comprised of its standard P-Bass Split-coil neck pickup with a DC J-Bass bridge pickup. The retail price for the PJ set is $315.

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