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Whether you're looking to shop for the guitarist in your life or are searching for a wishlist to send your spouse, Premier Guitar's Holiday Gift Guide is for you!

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1957 Les Paul Jr.

Les Paul devotee Zakk Wylde dishes the stories behind some his favorite (and most infamous) axes.

A player connects to a guitar for many reasons: feel, tone, or even sentimental value can play a part in musical mojo. From his days as a young gun with Ozzy Osbourne to his longtime role as the head of the Black Label Society, Zakk Wylde and his Les Pauls seem to be a match made in metal heaven. In his own words, Zakk introduces us to his five favorite Les Pauls and explains why they mean so much to him.

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EMG is releasing three new pickups: the EMG-81TW, EMG-PA and EMG-707TW.

Santa Rosa, CA (January 10, 2008) -- EMG is releasing new pickups designed to allow shredders, bassists and 7-string players to dial in the exact tone they''re looking for.

Noted for its aggressive crunch and blistering highs, the EMG-81 has been a constant in the heavy metal community for over three decades. With the 81TW, EMG has decided to give players an option that has been missing-- the versatility of a tapped version with the option of selecting either single or dual coil mode. This 9-volt active guitar pickup with its dual active preamps allows for higher gain and more output in either mode, without sacrificing tonal response and dynamic feel -- all in a virtually noiseless environment. While single coil mode kicks in a ceramic loaded bar, dual coil mode consists of two ceramic loaded coils opposite each other to create a pickup similar to the EMG-81. Other new features are push/pull volume/tone controls that enable players to switch from the clarity of a single coil to the fullness of a humbucker. In addition, the new EMG-81TW can be hooked up to several of the company’s accessories, such as the SPC Presence Control, EXG Expander or PA2 Preamp Booster. MSRP $149.99


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