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EMG Pickups Announces New JMaster Loaded Pickguard and Pickup Set

EMG Pickups Announces New JMaster Loaded Pickguard and Pickup Set

The series includes the JMaster pickup set as well as a fully loaded prewired pickguard featuring a set of master EQ controls on the upper horn.

The JMaster pickup is inspired by the look, feel, and sound of the classic, time-tested design. The pickups are handbuilt with Alnico 5 magnets and wide stacked coils for a rich and balanced single coil tone without the extra noise. A standalone addition to the EMG Retro Active lineup, the pickups feature a preamp design that gives the player a vintage feel and response with the added benefits of an active preamp.

The JMaster prewired pickguard features unique upper horn controls that can be used with both pickups, unlike the traditional Jazzmaster controls. The beloved SPC Control packs a punch with its mighty mid-boost at the turn of a dial, while the EXG Control simultaneously boosts the low and high frequencies giving your instrument a liquid tone with full bottom end and enhanced highs. With the flip of a switch, the SPC can be changed to a clean boost across the full frequency spectrum with 12dB on tap for that extra aggression when needed.

Meet the EMG Jmaster

The Pickguard Systems come on 3 Ply Pickguards, available in Tortoise Shell with Ivory Pickups, Black on Black, or White on White.

For guitars that cannot accommodate the pickguard system, the standalone set includes EMG’s solderless wiring kit with a master volume and tone for easy installation. The set is available in Black, White, and Ivory finishes.

The JMaster Set starts at $229, with the Pickguard System at $379.

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