Mad Hatter Guitar Products Luminator Systems - Summer Gear Slam 2020
Mad Hatter Guitar Products Luminator Systems - Summer Gear Slam 2020

The Luminator is a touch capacitance switch with triple-pull/triple-throw action for endless possibilities.

The Luminator is a touch capacitance switch with Triple Pull Triple Throw action for endless possibilities.

With a simple intentional touch, the Luminator LED changes from Blue to Red to let you know the Luminator Switch Board has been activated.

When activated three independent switches change their status to redirect your analog signal. Switches 1 & 2 operate like a standard DPDT P/P Pot with each switch sharing its own single common to toggle between its normally open and normally closed contacts. Switch 3 has independent normally open and normally closed contacts for even more possibilities!

Like the Terminator Systems, the Luminator switch board also features terminals for fast and easy solderless connections to help you effortlessly find the mod that best fit your instrument.

The Luminator System is available now in four different Systems based our most popular Terminator Systems. The Luminator TEN System for HSH equipped guitars, the Luminator 4/3 for HSS, the Luminator 3/3 for single coil Strat type guitars and the Luminator IBZM for Dual Humbucker equipped guitars.

No more pulling and pushing on pots. Just touch. The Luminator is here for the next generation of guitarist.

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