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Mojotone Releases Anthem Series Speakers

Mojotone Releases Anthem Series Speakers

Mojotone is proud to welcome the all new 'Anthem Series' into their famed line of Mojotone branded loudspeakers. With the intention of complementing vintage American-voiced amps, Mojotone's Anthem Series Speakers were purpose-built to optimize their overall power and functionality without compromising their finely-tuned classic American-voiced tone.

Available in 12", 10", and 8" versions, each speaker basket is paired with the perfect paper, voice coil, and magnet counterpart. Straight-seamed ribbed cones, were chosen for their superior performance and unmatched tone, and top-shelf voice coils and magnets have been carefully paired to each of their respective speaker cone sizes.

Additionally, Mojotone's Anthem Series Speakers will be included with many of their Amplifier Kits to help better the overall sound and functionality of each amp kit.

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