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Moth Electric Releases the A. incorrupta Overdrive/Distortion

Moth Electric Releases the A. incorrupta Overdrive/Distortion

The A. incorrupta Overdrive/Distortion features independent Bass, Midrange, and Treble controls to allow for intricate tone sculpting and finetuning, specially designed to provide broad sweeps without becoming overly harsh or muddy.

Moth Electric has released its second design since setting up shop in May 2023, the A. incorrupta Overdrive/Distortion. The A. incorrupta is Moth Electric’s highly tweakable take on the classic RAT circuit, with significant modifications and additions to improve fidelity, versatility, and usability.

Adding to the versatility of the A. incorrupta circuit are five clipping options for an array of sonic textures:

  • Germanium for a smooth, compressed character
  • Mosfet for a slightly softer feel than Silicon-Silicon for classic RAT sounds
  • Asymmetrical for aggressive, heavily textured tones
  • LED for less compression and higher output

A boosted, high headroom output section rounds out the pedal, offering tons of volume on tap while maintaining clarity and note separation.

The A. incorrupta offers the following features:

  • Bass, Treble, Mid, Volume, and Drive controls
  • Five-way diode switch with Germanium, MOSFET, Silicon, Asymmetrical, and LED options
  • Boosted, high headroom output section
  • True-bypass switching, top-mounted jacks for easy placement on crowded pedalboards
  • 9-volt DC operation with external power supply – no battery compartment
  • Designed and hand-built in the USA

The A. incorrupta carries a $169.99 price.

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A Masterclass in Distortion! Moth Electric A. Icorrupta

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