rage against the machine

A pedal that forces you to rage and riff.

Excellent Marshall-style tones. Very interactive EQ section.

Available gain may fall short for some metal players. Presence control is subtle.


MXR Tom Morello Power 50 Overdrive


One of the great joys of any guitar journey is stumbling on happy accidents. Tom Morello has made an entire career of turning those accidents into timeless riffs and signature “non-guitar” sounds. So it’s no surprise that Morello’s signature MXR Power 50 Overdrive, which is ostensibly built for Marshall-in-a-box tones, delivers those sounds with a twist.

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Wakrat is Tim Commerford (center) on bass, and French transplants Laurent Grangeon (left) on guitar,

and Mathias Wakrat (right) on drums.

Photo by Travis Shinn

The celebrated Rage Against the Machine and Prophets of Rage bassist explains how his other band's in-your-face, jazz-inspired music is making him play better than ever.

Tim Commerford's new band, Wakrat (pronounced “wokrat"), recently staged a protest in London in response to the Brexit vote, where they attempted to establish the “Republic of Wakrat" by planting a flag in Parliament Square's center. Last year Commerford lit himself on fire in Future User's “Mountain Lion" video. Back in 2000 he climbed the stage scaffolding at the MTV Video Music Awards in objection to Limp Bizkit winning the Best Rock Video award over his then-band Rage Against the Machine. Simply put, Commerford is a fierce, honest individual who wears his heart on his sleeve and likes to shake up the establishment.

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