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Moth Electric Releases the P. Isabella Fuzz/Distortion

Moth Electric Releases the P. Isabella Fuzz/Distortion

Their debut pedal is designed to cover a surprising amount of sonic territory, from mid-gain growl to crushing wall-of-sound fuzz.

The pedal’s secret weapon: a 2-position toggle switch for selecting between “Classic” and“Modern” modes. Classic mode is a traditional muff-style sound, with compressed, wooly saturation and lots of sustain. Sonically it’s close to an Electro-Harmonix Tall Font GreenRussian, with its characteristic growl and ferocious low end. An expanded EQ section greatly expands the versatility of this classic circuit. Modern mode features significantly increased output to push your amp to its limits with a less compressed, more open sound that preserves high frequencies in your signal.

The pedal takes its name from the Tiger Moth: the P. Isabella species’ caterpillar stage is often called “the wooly bear."

The P. Isabella offers the following features:

  • Volume, Fuzz, Tone, and Midrange controls
  • Blend control knob allows you to add clean tone to your signal
  • Two-position C/M toggle switch for selecting Classic and Modern voicings
  • True-bypass switching, top-mounted jacks for easy placement on crowded pedalboards
  • 9-volt DC operation with external power supply – no battery compartment
  • Designed and hand-built in the USA
The P. Isabella carries a $174.99 price.
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