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NativeAudio Introduces Frybread Fuzz

NativeAudio Introduces Frybread Fuzz

NativeAudio's Frybread Fuzz is a transistor-based fuzz pedal with a streamlined interface for a versatile fuzz experience. It pays tribute to Blackfeet heritage with artwork featuring Stan the Pan and Frybread Man.

NativeAudio has introduced their newest pedal: the FrybreadFuzz, a transistor-based fuzz meticulously tuned to deliver everything from power-amp punch to blistering fuzz. Utilizing its unique gain architecture and integrated pickup simulator, the Frybread Fuzz provides a comprehensive fuzz solution regardless of signal chain position.

Beyond its sonic characteristics, the Frybread Fuzz touches upon the deeper cultural under pinnings of NativeAudio. The company is a native-owned effect pedal company founded by Mike Trombley, an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Nation with over a decade of engineering experience. NativeAudio is committed keeping Native American culture alive while also inspiring musicians to connect with their art in a more meaningful and creative way.

Frybread is a versatile bread made with a simple set of ingredients that can be enjoyed with honey, jelly, or as an Indian Tacoby topping with chili and your favorite taco toppings. The Frybread Fuzz artwork features the dynamic duo, Stan the Pan and Frybread Man.

Each Frybread Fuzz includes Pretty Bird Woman’s frybread recipe printed on the back of the pedal, ensuring that you’ll always have great tone and great food wherever you go.

The Frybread Fuzz street price is $259.

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NativeAudio Frybread Fuzz - Full Bass and Guitar Demo (First Taste)