NativeAudio Introduces the Rising Sun V2 Optical Tremolo

An optical tremolo that expands on the technology found in vintage amplifiers.

NativeAudio's Rising Sun V2 Optical Tremolo interface features volume, waveform, and depth controls for a warm-analog tremolo experience. It includes two modes of operation: tap and ramp. Tap mode implements four sub-divisions for tap-tempo capability. Ramp mode allows for smooth transition between two selectable tremolo speeds.


  • Analog-optical tremolo provides vintage tremolo sounds.
  • Intuitive interface with volume, waveform, and depth controls for tone shaping.
  • Tap mode with multiple sub-divisions to sync tremolo speed to the tempo of your environment.
  • Ramp mode allows for smooth transition between two selectable tremolo speeds.
  • 9-18VDC operation for expanded headroom. External power only (no battery).
  • Smart switching system that provides standard on/off latching and momentary operation.
  • Top-mounted instrument and power jacks designed to save pedalboard space.
  • Buffered-bypass design to optimize signal integrity with any instrument cable length.

The Rising Sun is $239.00 USD and can be found at participating NativeAudio dealers and purchased directly at

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