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October Audio Unveils Mini Version of NVMBR Gain Pedal

October Audio Unveils Mini Version of NVMBR Gain Pedal

October Audio has miniaturized their NVMBR Gain pedal to create two mini versions of this beautifully organic-sounding circuit – including an always-on gain device.

The NVMBR Gain is a nonlinear amp that transitions gracefully from clean boost to overdriven tones. Volume increases from just over unity to about 10db before soft-clipping drive appears for another 5db of boost. Its extraordinary ease of use is matched by outstanding versatility: you can use it as a clean boost, push a stubborn amp into overdrive or create a just-breaking-up sound at any amp volume.

October Audio’s new family of mini NVMBR Gain pedals includes a switchable version that allows you to bypass the effect: one option features brand logo pedal graphics, while the other sports a fun “Witch Finger” graphic with a Davies knob as the“fingernail”.

The second version in the new lineup is an always-on device featuring the Witch Finger graphic and Davies knob, with the same NVMBR Gain circuit that lies at the core of the switchable version.


  • Knob controls gain and clipping simultaneously
  • Stunning silver hammertone finish
  • Switchable versions are true-bypass, available with classic or witch finger graphics
  • Authentic Davies knobs, including the “fingernail”
  • 9V center negative power supply required
  • Dimensions: 3.63 x 1.50 x 1.88 in​

Witch Finger (always on NVMBR Gain) demo

All October Audio pedals are assembled in Richmond, VA, and available for purchase directly through the online shop. Street price is $109 for NVMBR Gain footswitch versions and $89 for the always-on device.

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