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Pearl Jam Release "Wreckage"

Pearl Jam Release "Wreckage"

Pearl Jam present their latest single, “Wreckage," from their twelfth studio album, 'Dark Matter,' available today.


Stone Gossard on “Wreckage”:

“That one probably has the biggest build for me personally, in terms of hearing it at first and thinking, it’s kind of an Ed song. I wasn’t quite aware of its potency until later. Andrew [Watt] encouraged me to play this little harmonic, acoustic part almost like a Cure melody. I’ve been playing along with the song to relearn it and I’m really looking forward to playing it live. It’s a really powerful lyric and I think we did a really great job of taking something and really pushing it to its limit.”

Andrew Watt adds:

“[“Wreckage”] started with the riff and everyone kind of formulating sections together. That song just came to Ed right away. Within the first couple takes before the music was even right, his vocals were right. His melodies and words are so strong in that song. Once the initial spark was there and there were a few sections, it was just really about following him.”