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Positive Grid Introduces the Spark MINI

Positive Grid Introduces the Spark MINI

Spark MINI is designed to offer smart guitar playing and personalized music listening to-go in a compact, portable package.

Spark MINI's precision-engineered acoustics deliver incredible clarity and depth, defying expectations for a speaker this small. And with its long-life rechargeable battery (up to 8 hours of use), guitarists can turn any setting into an interactive jam space – or simply stream their favorite music with full, detailed sound. The Spark MINI has spatial audio, all-day battery power, smart app integration and Bluetooth audio streaming.

Angled, full-range stereo speakers offer multi-directional sound and channel separation for high-quality amplification or music streaming. Plus, a downward-facing passive radiator pumps out big sonic power and a tight and punchy bass performance never before heard in an amp this size. Spark MINI inherits all the same interactive, smart features of Spark40 – Positive Grid's #1 best-selling smart guitar practice amp – in a smaller, go-anywhere package.

You’ve never heard a small amp sound like this.


  • NEW! Smart Jam Live: Play guitar and Spark MINI can quickly generate multiple, inspiring bass and drum backing tracks based on the player’s style. From simple and laid back to complex and driving, the tracks will change throughout the song in real time based on the intensity of the guitarist’s playing.
  • Auto Chords: Learn millions of songs quicker and easier. Select any song and the Spark smart app will analyze and display its guitar chords in real time. It can also loop a section or slow down the tempo for learning difficult passages.
  • Video Capture: Use the Spark app to shoot video of a performance with high quality audio and upload it directly to social media.
  • EQ Scenarios: Whether guitarists are using Spark MINI to jam or casually listen to music with Bluetooth streaming, custom onboard EQ scenarios are provided to ensure optimum sound.
  • 10,000+ Tones: Players of all genres looking to kickstart their creativity can instantly access Spark MINI’s tone presets, plus more than 10,000 additional presets for free on Positive Grid’s online ToneCloud community. Spark MINI is also stocked with a treasure trove of 33 ultra-realistic amp models and 43 effects for thousands of sonic possibilities.
  • Home Recording: As a USB audio interface, simply connect Spark MINI to a computer and record songs or riffs using the included PreSonus Studio One, or any DAW software or platform. Spark MINI’s Smart Out allows players to choose between headphone or line out for versatile listening.

Spark MINI will be offered with special pricing and a free, limited-time bonus during pre-order. Find out more at