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Positive Grid Launches the OMNYSS

Positive Grid Launches the OMNYSS

OMNYSS is a line of three amps built to create cinematic soundscapes and fuel tonal exploration.

Powered by the BIAS FX 2 guitar amp & effects software platform and driven by an all-new DSP engine, OMNYSS is designed to inspire artists, producers, cinematic composers and audio architects. From subtle tone coloration to otherworldly depth and drama, guitarists can build epic sonic creations in the future metal world of OMNYSS.

The three new amplifiers – Etheria, Aggralith and Viscerus. Each amp is also paired with its own signature synth-based black box effect, enabling complex layers underneath the gain stage for more expansive tonal possibilities. A vault of classic and boutique microphones is also included for additional tone shaping options, in addition to three dynamically modeled cabinet IRs.



  • Heavenly, futuristic clean tone that shines through the darkest corners of the universe. Layer in the black box orchestral pad and control its mix, tone, and depth for out-of-this-world tone shaping and intensity.
  • Black box effect: Orchestral Pad
  • Cabinet: Custom Modern 4x12 Open-back
  • Modern high gain for action-packed decimation. Utilize the black box synth pad effect for complex, edgy electronic layers. Dive into the mix, depth, and tone knobs to find the perfect signal blend.
  • Black box effect: Synth Lead
  • Cabinet: Custom Boutique Angled 4x12
  • Heavy, raw, and aggressively visceral on every level. Layer the black box Octaver for massive polyphonic soundscapes. Control it all with mix tone, and depth knobs, and prepare for a complete tonal onslaught.
  • Black box effect: Octaver
  • Cabinet: Custom Boutique Closed-back 4x12



Engage ZGate to subtly eliminate unwanted noise, or clamp it down for razor precision.

Cypher Drive

Unlock massive overdrive and carve precision boost tones with six defined attack modes.

From complex stereo harmonies to snarling sub-octaves, Cerberus is a polyphonic octave beast.

Dark Matter

Adapts to every range and performance nuance, delivering natural compression and exceptional clarity.

The rules of space and time are rewritten. Layer synths, modulation, and reverb to expand the sonic universe.

Space Piercer
Explore lush studio-quality digital delays and crystalline landscapes. Glitched out or shimmery smooth.

OMNYSS | Sonically Disruptive Amps & Effects Collection

OMNYSS is available now for USD $99 (Mac/PC) and $19.99 (iOS). For more information, please visit