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Positive Grid Announces Experience Jimi Hendrix Official Gear Collection

Positive Grid Announces Experience Jimi Hendrix Official Gear Collection

As part of their 10th anniversary celebration, Positive Grid proudly announces Experience Jimi Hendrix Official Gear Collection for Spark and BIAS FX 2. Created in collaboration with Authentic Hendrix, LLC, this official, curated collection offers interactive access to the tones, historic gear, imagery and storied performance moments of the most celebrated guitar icon of all time.

Positive Grid used its expertise as a pioneer in smart guitar technology to create a unique homage to a six-string trailblazer who disrupted the status quo of guitar playing. The best-selling Spark guitar practice amp and award-winning BIAS FX 2 amp-and-effects software (desktop/mobile) have been enhanced and customized to deliver this new experience. Guitarists can now immerse themselves in the sounds, images and stories of Jimi Hendrix and feel the energy of his unique tone firsthand. Whether accessed by die-hard fans, new fans, or players whose own music is inspired by his unparalleled performances, the collection promises a synergistic event.

Intimate Access to Historic Gear 

Experience Jimi Hendrix Official Gear Collection is available for Positive Grid's Spark smart guitar practice amp and for the BIAS FX 2 desktop or mobile versions. Guitarists can play and experiment with a selection of meticulously re-created effects and amps from Hendrix's famed collection of gear that helped define his unmistakable sound. BIAS FX 2 users can also add two guitars to the BIAS FX 2 Guitar Match feature that allows any guitar to be transformed into another.

Auto Tone for Spark

Spark users can select Hendrix songs in the accompanying Spark app. Then, as they play along with songs, the tones and presets will automatically change in real time to reflect the original guitar nuances exclusive to Hendrix.

Jimi’s Gear

Spark and BIAS FX 2 users can click on a piece of historic gear to learn about its background and how Jimi used it, then preview or apply the related presets to jam on their own.

Custom-designed for BIAS FX 2 and the Spark app, Famous Moments offers an interactive journey through the incredible career of Jimi Hendrix, illustrating how he forever changed the art of guitar. Users can view an exclusively curated timeline of significant Hendrix events, then expand it to learn more and select milestone songs associated with the moments to jam along with.

Laura B. Whitmore, Positive Grid's SVP of Marketing, notes, "After many hours of research and painstaking attention to detail, our team thoughtfully designed a collection that pays tribute to this guitar legend. It allows all generations of guitarists to experience the indelible mark he left on the world of music in a super-realistic way that immerses them in the unique sounds and gorgeous imagery associated with Jimi Hendrix."


Experience Jimi Hendrix Official Gear Collection for Spark and BIAS FX 2 is now available. For more information, visit