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Shnobel Tone Introduces Their First Compressor Pedal

Shnobel Tone Introduces Their First Compressor Pedal

The Compressor is a studio-grade optical compressor for your pedalboard, with a single Compress knob for controlling compression/attack, an output Volume knob, and a specialized Tone knob that makes it easy to get the perfect sound for your guitar or bass.

The Tone knob offers dual functionality: at 12 o’clock noon setting the effect is flat. Turning the knob to the right rolls off some highs and brings out mids and lows, making the pedal sound warmer and beefier. Turning the knob to the left of 12 o’clock brings up higher frequencies for a brighter, airier tone.

The Compressor pedal’s key ingredient: a Blend knob that allows you to find the ideal balance between the compressed and uncompressed signals. You can dial in a compressed tone that is rich with overtones and thickness while retaining your original signal for punchy, responsive note attack.

Shnobel Tone’s Compressor includes these features:

  • Four knobs: Volume, Compress, Blend, and Tone controls
  • Studio-grade optical compression in an easy-to-use pedal
  • True bypass foot switch
  • Top-mounted power and in/out jacks
  • Hand-built with through-hole components
  • Standard 9v center negative power – no battery compartment

Shnobel Tone’s Compressor has a suggested retail price and MAP of $279.

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