Silktone Launches New Astro Amp

The Astro follows a simplified design approach with just two knobs: volume and tone, and offers a wide variety of available tones and responsive feel.

The Astro amp tone control is unique, in that it controls both treble and bass simultaneously: the tone control set to noon puts the EQ flat, turn it clockwise to get a treble boost and at the same time a bass cut, counterclockwise to get a bass boost and a treble cut. You’ll also find a tone switch for full mids (Dense mode), scooped mids (Light mode) or bypass the tone stack altogether for a big gain boost (Raw Silk mode). These few controls make it extremely easy to dial in your sweet spot out of a huge variety of available tones.

The Astro is in the same vein as the flagship Silktone amp, it uses the same great cab and speaker and single KT66 power tube. The key differences sit in the minimalist circuit design allowing it to better reveal the subtle nuances of the guitar with a looser, more responsive feel and a bit more clean headroom. Remaining is the thick power tube distortion when the KT66 is pushed into overdrive. You can swap the KT66 for a 6V6, 6L6 or EL34 output tube without the need to ever re-bias, but designer Charles Henry still retains that the KT66 is the most musical of the tube options.

Street price $1599. More info:

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