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Solar Guitars Releases the CHUG

Solar Guitars Releases the CHUG

The Company founded by Ola Englund has developed a new high gain pre-amp pedal with noise gate.

The Company founded by Heavy Metal expert and influencer, Ola Englund, has been developing electronics under the registered trademark CHUG for the past two years to perfect what is slated to be the de-facto High Gain Pre-amp pedal for the foreseeable future. Solar Guitars Vice President and product developer, Joe Delaney notes, “…totally intense project, a true team effort. Between the actual metal approach to the industrial design and the aggressively expansive feature set including multiple gain shaping options and a Noise Gate, we made something very special for the metal community in that it was created with a single goal…to Chug.”. Ola adds, “I always wanted the sound of a raging amplifier in pedal format, and we got it right with the CHUG. It answers the question that has been asked for ages… IT WILL CHUG!”


  • GAIN: Low Frequency Gain – High Frequency Gain – Gain - Output
  • 5 BAND EQ: Bass – Middle – Treble – Depth – Presence
  • POWER: 9vDC, 100mA


The CHUG is available for order and is shipping immediately.

CHUG: ~199€ (EU) / $199 (INTL)

For more information, please visit