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Spun Loud Effects Launches the Shuksan Fuzz

Spun Loud Effects Launches the Shuksan Fuzz

A fuzz that offers discrete high-gain overdrive, intuitive controls, and a wide dynamic range.

Coming off the success of the Litigator Overdrive, Spun Loud Effects is back with the Shuksan Fuzz, a discrete high-gain fuzz drive that will give players a large dynamic range and variety of tones - from mild, somewhat gated drive to screaming octave fuzz. With its intuitive controls, guitarists will find plenty of interplay and the ability to get a variety of unique and usable tones in a simple package.

In addition to the final volume control (which includes plenty of extra to push tubes right into breakup), the Shuksan includes an input knob to control how much guitar signal hits the gain stages and allow players to forego their guitar volume (or use them together to get a wider range of sounds) and a sustain knob that controls the gain from the middle stage. Used together, the controls allow for a wide range of fuzz balance and character in an array of guitar/pickup/amp combinations. The pedal is housed in a pedalboard friendly 125B enclosure.


  • High-quality WIMA, TDK and Wurth capacitors
  • Lumberg or Neutrik audio and DC jacks
  • Pro-quality Gorva Design 3PDT switches
  • Internal power filtering for super-low-noise operation
  • Extra-tough UV printed art for long lasting finish
  • All-analog original circuit design, assembled by hand
  • Runs on standard center-negative 9V power supply only

The Shuksan is priced at $163.00. Demo and review units available upon request. Available exclusively at