Spun Loud Effects Unveils the Litigator Overdrive

A British-inspired box that utilizes two gain stages in an effort to cop classic blues-rock tones.

Bellingham, WA (February 5, 2021) -- Following on the well received Blister & Peel, Spun Loud Effects introduces its latest offering: the Litigator Overdrive, a pedal that promises to cut through the majority of dirt boxes on the market like a righteous dissent.

Set for release on February 11, the Litigator is a transistor-based overdrive inspired by the amazing British blues rock tones of the 1960s. The circuit uses two gain stages to achieve a creamy, sparkly overdrive that will improve any guitar tone. Unlike the many op-amp-based overdrives already on the market, the transistor design of the Litigator gives the drive a more fuzz-like character without pushing into high-gain territory.

“The world needs more original-design overdrives like the Litigator,” said Nick Rogers, owner of Dirty Haggard Audio in Portland, Oregon. “The drive character is ... unlike other overdrives I’ve used, more of a full-spectrum saturation as opposed to a more typical upper-midrange bite.”

Housed in a board-friendly 125b enclosure with top jacks and original art designed by Daniel Chesney, the Litigator includes controls for volume and gain, and a tone control that will cut high frequencies or boost them to add that perfect sparkle or jangle to your tone.

The pedal also includes:

  • High-quality Wima and Wurth capacitors
  • Neutrik jacks
  • Pro-quality Gorva Design 3PDT switches
  • Internal filtering for super-low noise operation
  • All-analog original circuit design
  • Runs on standard center-negative 9V power supply
  • Accessible price at $135

“The Litigator has amazing control, power and nuance, from an edgy clean boost to a serious tube scream,” said Gene Johnson, a Seattle-based guitarist who tested an early prototype of the pedal. “For me the sweet spot might be a gritty warmth that’s like the bark of an old Bluesbreakers record, but there is so much to explore with this inspired pedal.”

The Litigator will be available at spunloudeffects.com on February 11.

For more information:
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