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Strymon Announces New BigSky Reverb Plugin

Strymon Announces New BigSky Reverb Plugin

A software recreation of Strymon's best-selling BigSky hardware reverb.

The plugin features 12 custom reverb algorithms, with traditional physical spaces like rooms and halls joining unique filtered and pitched ambient machines. With Infinite hold/Freezefunctionality, jaw-dropping sound quality, and industry-leading flexibility, the new BigSky plugin offers DAW users a powerful new tool for creating ambient textures.

Multidimensional Reverb Plugin: The new BigSky plugin from Strymon is a direct port of Strymon's best-selling hardware pedal, bringing all of the functionality, uniqueness, and pristine sound quality of the original to your favorite DAW. Now you can use as many instances of Big Sky in your session as you’d like, using it to add simple Room ambiance to a drum kit while wholly transforming a string pad with the Shimmer or Chorale machines. With 12 custom-tuned reverb algorithms that cover everything from traditional acoustic spaces to wildly creative ambient machines, Infinite/Freeze functionality, and a dynamically simple user interface, the BigSky plugin is destined to become your new secret weapon in the studio.

Product Highlights:

  • 12 custom-tuned reverb algorithms, perfect for a variety of sound sources.
  • Traditional high-resolution algorithms like Rooms, Halls, Plates, and Springs.
  • Entirely new and transformative reverb machines featuring pitch shifting, filtering, tunable room ambiance, and more.
  • Easily add modulation to any reverb machine.
  • Infinite and Freeze functionality with Hold, to create undulating soundscapes.
  • Easy-to-use dynamic interface puts every parameter right where you need it, so dialing in killer sounds is quick and easy.
  • Resizable user interface with four sizes to choose from (and big is BIG).​

Strymon BigSky Plugin - Acoustic Performance

The new BigSky plugin comes in AAX, AU, and VST3 formats, and is available directly from Strymon and at select retailers worldwide, for $199 US. For more information, please visit