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Supro Introduces All-New Royale Head and 1x12 Cab

Supro Introduces All-New Royale Head and 1x12 Cab

The Royale was designed to deliver loud and vivid clean tone with a responsive, tactile low end.

Designed to offer massive headroom, the 50-watt Royale Head lets you indulge in smooth clean tones at even higher volumes on stage without any breakup. Select between class A and class AB modes, with its variable mode switch, so you can choose between gushing Supro tone or a punchier, tight midrange response.⁠

Introducing the Royale Head & Extension Cabinet | Supro

The Royale 1x12 Extension Cabinet features the custom Supro BD12 high-power driver, offering the same mid-range punch and clean articulation as the Royale combo but with additional stage volume. ⁠More info:

Royale Head | $1,499⁠.99⁠
Royale Cab | $669.99