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TAD Introduces the KT88-STR REDBASE Premium Selected

TAD Introduces the KT88-STR REDBASE Premium Selected

Tube Amp Doctor introduces the newest family member to their exclusive and high-quality premium tube line called REDBASE: the entirely new TAD KT88-STRREDBASE.

A breathtakingly big and precise tone and great appearance make the new TAD KT88-STR REDBASETMthe best choice for both, high-end audio applications and powerful bass guitar amps, providing a natural and threedimensional tone with pleasingly full warmth and fine, subtle highs.

A very musical response, with great sound and finest details in the mids and top-end; a linear and harmonious overall response with a very organic tone, make the TAD KT88-STR REDBASE our favorite tube in the KT88 and 6550A class.

More Benefits:

  • heavy-duty KT88
  • sweet, full-bodied tone with silky highs
  • superb responsiveness
  • outstanding dynamics
  • individually tested, selected, and approved.
  • premium matched sets available
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