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Walrus Audio Announces the Eons Five-State Fuzz

Walrus Audio Announces the Eons Five-State Fuzz

The third edition to Walrus' multi-state drive pedal series, Eons, is a five-state fuzz designed to offer massively thick sounds with 5 selectable fuzz textures.

Eons is designed to offer massively thick fuzz sounds. Use the Voltage (lightning bolt) knob to crank up to 18 volts into the pedal’s circuit for massive, open fuzz sounds, or choose to starve it down to 3 volts for spatty, gated fuzz. Experiment with the Voltage and Mode knobs for nearly endless styles of fuzz tones. Find vintage-inspired sounds emanating from the stages of Woodstock to flannel-clad grunge to chaotic three-chord punk rock.


I. Silicon soft clipping traditional fuzz that’s well rounded with a huge sound; compressed and smooth.

II. Silicon clipping with an added bass boost that boosts the low end at the beginning of the circuit; compressed and crunchy.

III. Germanium soft clipping with a feel of “what if a distortion and fuzz had a kid?”; crunchy and dynamic.

IV. LED clipping diodes with a slight high-end cut; dynamically dark.

V. Hard clipping silicon transistors combined with LED and Silicon soft clipping diodes. The rowdiest of the modes with tons of gain: compressed, loud, and angry.

Walrus Audio Pedal Play: Eons Five-State Fuzz

The Eons comes in a sandy tan enclosure color with red, cream, and black ink. Artwork features a stoic four-horned, Markhor goat illustrated by Adam Forster. 9V DC, center negative, 100mA min – 2.62 x 4.77 x 2.25 inches including knobs. Walrus Audio is offering the Eons for a retail price of $229 and is available now at and with their authorized dealers all over the galaxy and Virgo Supercluster.

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