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Nordstrand Audio Introduces V2 Acinonyx Short Scale Bass

Nordstrand Audio Introduces V2 Acinonyx Short Scale Bass

The Acinonyx is a bass by Nordstrand Audio designed to have all of the playability and tone you would expect from a short scale, plus the added fun of tone control switches.

The V2 Acinonyx bass features 3 classic styles single-coil alnico 5 pickups utilizing our innovative push-button pickup switching system. This system utilizes individual on/off switches for each pickup allowing any combination desired. The fourth switch is a series modifier which puts the middle pickup in series with either of the other pickups. Add in a .1mfd tone control(extra dark roll-off) and the available tones are thus rooted firmly in the massive fat punch of the OG Acinonyx. But the three single coil platform explodes the tonal palette with rich detailed open and soaring vintage character.

Technical Details:

  • ​780mm scale (about 30.7”)
  • 17mm spacing at bridge
  • 1.4” wide nut
  • Alder body with Indian Rosewood fingerboard
  • 3 vintage style alnico V single-coil pickups
  • Our proprietary push button pickup selection system with “all in” mode
  • Volume and extra wide range tone knobs maximize versatility)
  • Multiple pickguard and pickup color options
  • Very lightweight - averaging 6.5 pounds
  • 2-way spoke wheel truss rod
  • Classic color options: Lake Placid Blue, Olympic White, SurfGreen, Black, and Dakota Red
  • Compound radius for excellent playability
  • D’Addario Nickel Round Strings
  • Proprietary custom US Hipshot bridge
  • Proprietary custom-licensed Hipshot oval tuning machines

Extensively designed, and set up in Redlands, California, these basses are available online and at select dealers. MSRP $999.00.

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