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Pettyjohn Electronics Introduces the PettyDrive

Pettyjohn Electronics Introduces the PettyDrive

A dual-channel analog overdrive pedal with powerful tone and a dynamic feel.

ALBANY, OR (June 11, 2015) -- The co-owners, Stephen Pettyjohn and Chris Hoff of Pettyjohn Electronics, based out of Albany, OR, announced on Wednesday, May 29th, 2015 the PettyDrive, a studio grade, dual channel analog overdrive pedal. This Tool for Tone is engineered to deliver the powerful tone and dynamic feel of boutique tube amps pushed to the edge of breakup. Each of the two fully independent channels are uniquely voiced to compliment each other and provide a wide range of sounds that range from thick, saturated American iron and growl to harmonically-rich British-like chime. Additionally the Iron channel features an innovative Parallel Effects Loop, which provides unlimited new combinations with other pedals!

Channel 1: Chime

The Chime channel is designed to function as a full-range, low-gain overdrive or boost. As the gain is increased the circuit has been voiced to add a light, sweet, harmonically rich breakup reminiscent of a pushed British style tube amp. You may hear significant amounts of natural compression that feels much like power amp “sag” at higher gain settings. Channel One is equipped with an active tilt EQ built with Orange Drop capacitors for authentic amp-like tone! There are two 3-way mini-toggle switches for easy, quick adjustment of the clipping circuit and low frequency response.

Channel 2: Iron

The Iron channel is designed to be your go to overdrive with everything you want from a great drive and nothing you don’t. It has been meticulously voiced for smooth yet powerful tone reminiscent of a cranked American style amp. You may find that it needs very little tweaking with almost any guitar or amp. Simply add gain, level to taste and rock on! The Tone knob is an Orange Drop powered high-cut that is highly effective for taming those bright guitars or amps. There are two 3-way mini toggles again to adjust internal settings on the fly. The top switch adjusts the clipping configuration and the bottom toggle is a 3-way low cut that switches between 3 lower cutoff frequencies. Channel Two also has a true summing internal Clean Mix knob that doubles as the mix knob for the Parallel Effects Loop!

Parallel Effect Loop

One particularly unique feature to the PettyDrive is a “Parallel Effects Loop” on Channel 2. This Parallel Effects Loop gives the guitarist real-time access to mix multiple effects together in parallel and is inspired by the classic studio mixing technique of parallel processing. The Parallel Effects Loop gives the guitarist totally new ways of using pedals and creating textures never before possible in a live rig!

When engaged it activates the send and return jacks on the back and converts the Clean Mix knob to a Parallel Mix Level knob! Any pedals you put in the parallel effects loop receive the clean signal as it is before it goes into the overdrive circuit of Channel 2. Because this loop bypasses the drive engine, it creates an opportunity to feed pedals with a clean signal that would normally get an overdriven signal down line. You may be surprised by how many of your pedals interact differently and it creates endless new ways of re-discovering your gear and creating never-before heard tones as you experiment with other drives, boosts, reverbs and delays and modulation pedals in the loop!

Pettyjohn Drive System Integration

The PettyDrive was specifically designed to operate as a drive system that integrates seamlessly with the always-on Pettyjohn PreDrive in front of it! The PettyDrive can handle large amounts of pre-boost while retaining its feel and articulation and you can take your tone to new heights by using both pedals together!

Studio-Grade Quality

The PettyDrive is a serious tool for tone, built for the modern working guitarist in mind with a balance of advanced tone shaping features, general ease-of-use and tone that truly inspires. The PettyDrive is hand made in the USA with premium audiophile components to ensure the lowest noise, years of reliability and the most articulate tone possible. The Deluxe version features a Studio-Grade premium Discrete Opamp input buffer and Burr-Brown chips in the Iron channel for a modern, more transparent quality while the PettyDrive Standard version relies on the famed JRC 4558 chips for warm, organic tone. For those seeking state of the art tools for great tone, the PettyDrive is a must have both in the studio and on stage.

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