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Sadler Vaden vs. Tube Screamers

Rhett returns from Europe to chat with “guitar player’s guitar player” Sadler Vaden of Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit. The trio jump right into their takes on the whole Bad Monkey saga, then dig into a detailed interview about how a Crazy Horse concert changed Sadler’s life, some tips for guitarists (spoiler alert: rhythm guitar is important!), and they discuss the band’s upcoming release, Weathervanes, unpacking the writing and recording process.

When the conversation turns to gear (you knew it was coming), Sadler answers questions about his gig rig, shouts out his favorite guitar stores to hit up on tour, and then it’s time to dip a rig (cue the Tube Screamer Talk).Along the way, we find out if Oasis is really Sadler’s favorite band and what kind of U2 concert he really wants to see (hey Bono and Edge, you guys listening?), and talks about what it was like to see Prince live (and how far he drove). Finally, Rhett shares the improbable story of his newest acquisition, a Tascam 388.

Sadler Vaden vs. Tube Screamers

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