tube screamer

The second installment in the company’s new line of overdrives—and the latest collaboration with guitarist Andy Timmons—shows evolution on multiple fronts.

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Rig Rundown - Carolyn Wonderland

An Austin guitar legend in the making shares her rare Gibson, custom-built amp, ferocious fingerpicking style, and passion for bringing fire to the blues.

Austin, Texas, has been a fertile proving ground for legendary blues guitarists. Some, most notably Stevie Ray Vaughan, have emerged to international acclaim. Others, like Derek O'Brien, make a living and earn the respect of their peers while mostly playing in the city's many clubs and studios. In recent years, Carolyn Wonderland—a revered player on the local scene since her arrival in 2001—has become a rising global star in the genre.

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The father of the Tube Screamer dishes a refined take on the pedal that propelled an overdrive revolution with the Apex 808.

Fender Telecaster > black panel Fender Tremolux > Universal Audio OX with AC30 cabinet simulation > Apple Logic.
Rhythm track is Maxon with drive at 11 o'clock, level at 1 o'clock, and tone at one o'clock.
Lead guitar retains level at one o' clock, but cycles through drive levels at 7 o'clock, noon. 3 o'clock, and maximum gain.
Tone adjustments range from 11 o'clock to maximum.


Does all the things a great TS does with warmth and detail. Not overly compressed or nasal-sounding. Nice range in controls.

Pricey. Still very midrange focused, if that’s not your thing.


Maxon Apex 808


Ease of Use:


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