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10 Bass Preamps To Drive Home Your Tone

10 Bass Preamps To Drive Home Your Tone

Take it to the stage or studio with these bass preamps/DIs.

There's a preamp for every flavor of bass, from clean tones to upright to overdriven grit. This list covers a wealth of options for all budgets.


Fine-tune your sound on this 2-channel DI with a 3-band EQ, color switch, and noise gate.

$189 street

WALRUS Badwater

This box features a 4-band EQ, optical compressor, and a blendable, 3-voice drive control.

$299 street

AGUILAR Tone Hammer Preamp/Direct Box

Based on the company’s Tone Hammer amp, this box features bass and treble knobs, sweepable midrange controls, and switchable tube-like saturation.

$299 street

RADIAL Bassbone V2

This 2-channel preamp includes two inputs plus a PZB booster and piezo input, so feel free to bring your upright on the gig for a few songs.

$399 street

TECH 21 DI-2112

Geddy Lee’s signature box is a feature-rich dual-channel affair with separate level controls, plus drive, saturation, and blend knobs.

$359 street


Maximize your grit with this box, which is based on two blendable distortion circuits and features a 3-band EQ plus bite and growl toggles.

$349 street


Conjure classic Ampeg SVT and B15 tones with this stomp’s voice control and cab sim. A 3-band EQ plus switchable high and low boosts, plus overdrive and compression, round out the features.

$399 street


This affordable offering features a 4-band EQ, compression, noise gate, and three signal-flow modes.

$174 street

MARKBASS Mark Vintage Pre

Loaded with a glowing 12AX7, this box features a 4-band EQ, three EQ presets, aux in, and headphones out.

$399 street

FENDER Downtown Express

This unit features overdrive, compression, and a 3-band EQ, each with their own footswitch, plus switchable effect order.

$249 street