Schecter Guitar Research Unveils the Ultra Bass and Banshee Bass Series

The Banshee is equipped with the Schecter Diamond QPA pickup, lightweight vintage tuners, Graph Teck Black Tusq XL nut, and a dual action truss rod.

Sun Valley, CA (May 13, 2020) -- Schecter Guitar Research is proud to introduce the Ultra Bass Series.

Schecter is excited to reintroduce the Ultra Bass Series. Looking for a bass that has a unique shape and great feel with a thick dynamic sound? Then the Ultra is perfect for you. Bringing back the original Schecter Ultra body shape with upgraded EMG TBHZ pickups! Designed with dual volume and tone controls, a thin ‘C’ neck for comfort and the Schecter Custom bass bridge that allows string thru or top load capabilities. This bass has the features and style you have been missing from bass arsenal! Adding a classic look to a unique style Schecter has made these basses available in Pelham Blue, Satin Black and Satin White. The Ultra bass should be the next bass in your collection!

Available models:

  • Ultra 4 MSRP$1,429/STREET $999
  • Ultra 5 MSRP$1,499/STREET $1099

Schecter Guitar Research is proud to introduce the Basnshee Bass Series for the 2020 Winter NAMM Show, which will be showcased upstairs in their Hall D Corridor D-1 & D-2 room. A throwback with a twist! Inspired by the original Banshee guitar, Schecter has taken this original design and turned it into a short scale P bass! Don’t be fooled by its size though. This short scale comes with some big features. Equipped with the Schecter Diamond QPA pickup, light weight vintage tuners, Graph Teck Black Tusq XL nut, dual action truss rod and, high mass bridge, that allows for string thru or top load set up. With a 30” scale, thin C neck, 16” fretboard radius and 20 narrow jumbo frets, this bass feels as good as it looks. Paying homage to the original Banshee guitars, the Banshee Bass is available in all the original colors: Olympic White, Vintage Pelham Blue, Carbon Grey.

Available models:

  • MSRP$999/STREET $699

Available colors:

  • Carbon Grey (CG), Vintage Pelham Blue (VPHB), Olympic White (OWHT)

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