electric bass

Epiphone Newport Bass Demo | First Look

Varied, blendable pickups help a super-affordable, vintage-style looker perform with modern panache.

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DIY: How to Choose Your Bass Strings

Veteran bassist and longtime PG contributor Steve Cook provides a no-nonsense guide to finding the best strings to fit your bass and playing style.

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By approaching your electric bass like a string player, you’ll find easier ways to get around the fretboard.

When I began playing in ’80s London, there were no electric bass teachers and no programs that recognized it as an instrument. It was like the Wild West, with most making it up as they went. I had to play upright in college in order to get in, and there was no jazz program, so I studied classical. I chose classical guitar as my second instrument, because I thought studying the technique might be useful. Over the years, I developed my approach by taking useful pieces from all these different places, in addition to what I picked up from watching or listening to great players. One of the most important areas I spent time on was fingerings and positions.

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