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DIY: How to Choose Your Bass Strings

Veteran bassist and longtime PG contributor Steve Cook provides a no-nonsense guide to finding the best strings to fit your bass and playing style.

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The Euro4 LT Rudy Sarzo is outfitted with Spector's lightweight locking bridge and nut and Gotoh GB-350 tuners to keep the weight to a minimum.

Spector Musical Instruments announces the introduction of the Euro4 LT Rudy Sarzo – the newly updated Sarzo signature bass, developed in close collaboration with legendary rock bassist Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne and Whitesnake, others).

Few bassists have covered more ground over the years than Rudy Sarzo. When it came time for Sarzo to update his signature instrument, he worked very closely with Spector to ensure that the Euro4 LT RS would supply him with the feel and tone that his craft commands. The reimagined Rudy Sarzo signature model was designed to be lightweight and comfortable for long gigs and sessions. As such, the fully carved body is crafted from chambered Empresswood and adorned with a unique Figured Maple top. The three-piece maple neck is complemented with a 24-fret ebony fingerboard, adorned with Spector's signature Crown inlays. Additionally, the Euro4 LT Rudy Sarzo is outfitted with Spector's lightweight locking bridge and nut and Gotoh GB-350 tuners to keep the weight to a minimum. To make the most of this instrument, the Euro4 LT RS is equipped with the impressive Fishman Fluence multi-voice pickups and electronics system, which offers an incredible array of tones for any situation. To top it off, Rudy's new bass features a high-gloss Scarlett Red finish exclusive to this model.

Spector: Rudy Sarzo Signature Bass

Spector Musical Instruments Global Brand Manager John Stippell remarks, "Working with the legendary Rudy Sarzo is an honor, and we are very happy to bring his new signature model to life. Complete with lightweight construction and the impressive Fishman Fluence system, the new Rudy Sarzo Euro4 LT is one of the most compelling Euro models in our lineup."Sarzo notes, "My Spector signature bass is a fusion of classic Spector tone and body design with cutting-edge-technology pickups and preamp system."

The Spector Euro4 LT Rudy Sarzo bass is now available with U.S. MAP pricing of $2,899.99.

For more information, visit www.spectorbass.com.

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Photo 1 Two versions of an extremely simple so-called bass-extender.

Photo courtesy of basslab.de

Esoterica Electrica columnist and luthier Jol Dantzig has been exploring string-tension myths in recent Premier Guitar articles. Here are some thoughts to add to the discourse.

Dear Jol Dantzig,

Your recent PG articles, "The Doors of Perception" and the follow-up "The String-Tension Follies Experiment, Continued," are an interesting read about string tension, a topic of which your friend Collin Olson of D'Addario said: "There's definitely a lot of confusion out there." He's right, and you're definitely not alone with your doubts, thoughts, and struggles.

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