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Sheptone Releases Sheptone P90H Pickups

Sheptone Releases Sheptone P90H Pickups

The new Sheptone P90 pickups are sized to directly replace most humbucker models.

Port Orchard, WA (July 28, 2010) -- Sheptone is releasing a new line of P90H pickups for electric guitar. Each pair is handmade by company owner, Jeff Shepherd with a typical lead time of four weeks and is designed to allows guitar players with humbucker-equipped guitars to achieve the tone of the original P-90 pickups. The new Sheptone P90H will be a direct replacement for most humbucker models and is available with black covers, black/gold/nickel/chrome open-faced covers and gold or nickel poles.

The standard Sheptone P90H pickup is made of vintage construction using rough-cast, degaussed Alnico 5 magnets and uses scatter wound #42 plain Enamel wire for better harmonics and overtones. A standard set will deliver 8.6k in the bridge pickup and 8.1k in the bridge pickup.

MSRP: $160.00 per set

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