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Skyshatter Audio Introduces Shatter Drive High-Gain OD

Skyshatter Audio Introduces Shatter Drive High-Gain OD

This fully analog overdrive offers Bass and Treble knobs for shaping tone, along with control knobs for Gain and Output volume.

Skyshatter Audio, a brand new company in Tulsa, OK, has introduced its debut pedal: the Shatter Drive overdrive is specifically designed for high-gain amps and drop-tuned guitars.

The Shatter Drive also features a 3-way toggle that allows the user to change their preferred clipping structure. Choose symmetrical for a crunchier tone or asymmetrical for a bit of a looser sound with added clarity. Choose the mind-blowing “Cross-Asymmetrical” mode for something beautifully in between.

With its 3-way toggle and flexible EQ the Shatter Drive allows the player to sculpt their sound, adding attack to the high end while retaining the power of their low end.

Features Include:

  • Specifically designed for high-gain amps and drop-tuned guitars
  • 3-way toggle switch for selecting clipping structure: symmetrical, asymmetrical, or cross-asymmetrical
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Fully Analog
  • 9-volt operation using standard external DC source – no battery
  • Hand-assembled in Tulsa, Oklahoma​

Skyshatter Audio Shatter Drive Official Promo

The Shatter Drive carries a street price of $149.99. The pedal is available at select retailers in the Tulsa,OK region and can also be purchased directly from Skyshatter Audio’s website.

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