Spector is releasing the NS-2JA-R, a reissue of the 1983 NS-2JA

Saugerties, NY (April 15, 2008) -- Spector Bass company is releasing the very limited edition Czech-made NS-2JA-R, which is a reissue of the Spector''s 1983 NS-2JA bolt-on bass. In honor of Spector''s US-made 1983 NS-2JA, the company is releasing no more than 83 in each finish (83 for 1983 -- how clever).

Solid White Solid Black Natural Gloss

The bass comes with the original Spector NS curved body design, which has been a mainstay since 1977. Other original features include the deep inset neck pocket and dot fingerboard markers. The bass also comes with chrome hardware (a Leo Quan bridge and Shaller tuners), two EMG active J pickups and EMG BT tone controls.

You can purchase the bass in one of three high-gloss finishes: solid white, solid black and natural gloss. The list price is set at $2099 plus optional case or gigbag.

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