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Stetsbar Releases Pro II Vibrato for Strat

Stetsbar Releases Pro II Vibrato for Strat

Designed to eliminate string drag and improve stability, the Stetsbar Pro II is now available for Strats

West Seneca, NY (February 22, 2010) -- Stets Metal Arts is pleased to announce the release of the Stetsbar Pro II for Fender Stratocaster and similar guitars. Designed to fit the trem cavity of the guitar, this model retains Stetsbar’s no-mod installation so the guitar can be returned to its original stock condition.

As with the other Stetsbar Pro II models, the complete unit, including bridge, saddles and string anchors, glides friction-free on highly engineered roller bearings, designed to totally eliminate string drag and provide improved stability. Additionally, the Pro II’s floating-lock prevents detuning if a string breaks, and allows drop tuning on the fly.

Since its introduction in 2002, Stetsbar has become popular with guitar players who, until then, could only install a vibrato system on their beloved instrument using a drill or routing machine. This--combined with its range and stability--has increasingly made Stetsbar the retro-fit tremolo system of choice. MSRP $219 to $299.

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