bare knuckle pickups

Les Pauls, high-headroom British brawlers, and pulverizing pedals push Marcos Garcia into the Masters of Reality Iommi-sphere.

Facing a mandatory shelter-in-place ordinance to limit the spread of COVID-19, PG enacted a hybrid approach to filming and producing Rig Rundowns. This is the 34th video in that format.

Founding Here Lies Man guitarist/frontman Marcos Garcia set aside some gear time and virtually welcomed PG’s Chris Kies into his California tone zone. In this Rig Rundown, he goes over all the surgeries and upgrades his Les Pauls have undergone, details why he broke up with the Ampeg V4 in lieu of other foundation-cracking amps, and explains that his discerning ear is always chasing the sounds (and frequencies) in his head, and because of this, nothing in his setup is sacred or safe.

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The classic T-style body shape is re-envisioned using the company's Natural Geometric design theme.

Israel (November 20, 2017) -- Offering a line of models for the Djent, Progressive metal players, OD Guitars designs the new age of extended range guitars.

Among 5 different models, the Cybele is a modern shaped single cut guitar that has now the brand’s Natural Geometric design theme.

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