Reward yourself and your Jazz or J-style bass by conjuring up a new (or old) voice through a set of replacement pickups.

From Jaco to John Paul Jones, from Geddy Lee to Flea, and from Marcus Miller to Larry Graham, the J-bass formula is omnipresent in music history. Sometimes, however, that formula needs tweaking to get you where you want to be tonally. Swapping in a new set of J-style pickups like the 10 we’ve gathered here could very well be your ticket.


JC 4 ALThis single-coil replacement set balances the woody low-mid growl and warm midrange of ’60s J pickups with the funky twang of ’70s J pickups.


JB71Reminiscent of ’70s J-bass sounds from Marcus Miller, these pickups are reported to offer a tone that’s lighter and airier than ’60s examples.


Area JFor those after a vintage-J sound, without the usual-suspect hum, this set was designed for a focused attack with clear and clean lows, and open-sounding and smooth highs.


Weather ReportInspired by the pickups Seymour Duncan created for Jaco, this alnico-5 set promises pronounced harmonic overtones without giving up treble response.


AG 4J-60Modeled after a set of mid-’60s Jazz pickups, this alnico 5 pair uses period-correct parts and a proprietary winding pattern meant to provide impressive string-to-string consistency.


J-Style BassDesigned to maintain authentic Jazz-bass tone and character without fear of single-coil hum, these double-blade pickups will fit traditional J-style basses without the need to mod.


NJ4SV Vintage Hum-CancellingThese alnico 5 pickups have laser-cut bobbins, are wax potted to contain unruly frequencies, and were designed to provide a full bottom end to complement their growl.


’60 PE J-BassHandwound with 42AWG plain enamel wire, which is accurate to late-’60s J-bass coils, this set boasts a defined bottom end, punchy mids, and clear highs.


Jazz Bass VintageDesigned to deliver classic, warm bass sound, these pickups feature hand-beveled and treated magnets, and bobbins made of vulcanized rubber.


JB-HCThe JB-HC features a side-by-side coil design that splits the coil in two for canceling hum, yet still retains all the vintage character of a single-coil pickup.