Reader: Terry GoyetteHometown: Raymond, New HampshireGuitar: Doubleneck Bass/Guitar

This reader’s clever Explorer-style doubleneck bass and guitar project ended up conveying a lesson about embracing your imperfections.

Back in 1985, I bought my first electric guitar, an Aria Pro II ZZ Standard, and around 1990, I traded it in for a bass. In the early 2000s, I decided I wanted another ZZ, and bought one broken body, one cracked ZZ body, and two necks, as well as a bagful of parts from Craigslist for cheap.
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Developed from hands-on analysis and digital scans of the original neck and body profiles.

Nashville, TN (December 11, 2015) -- A replica of Alex Lifeson's own '70s Gibson Double Neck, crafted in close collaboration with the Artist. This limited run of 100 EDS-1275's is a replica of Alex's famous Farewell to Kings Double Neck. Based on hands-on analysis and digital scans of the original's neck and body profiles, each one is a precise re-creation of the guitar that Alex acquired in the mid-1970s and one that would go on to become a visual and tonal icon. "I acquired this (white) one in 1976, along with a cherry one, which I later gave to Eric Johnson," said Lifeson. "It's been with me ever since, playing a constant role in the Farewell to Kings tour between 1977 and 1983, then again from 1991-1996, primarily for the song 'Xanadu'. It was used to record the songs 'Xanadu', 'Something for Nothing', 'Vapor Trails' and others." Now, in very limited numbers, Gibson Custom is proud to offer the original "two-in-one" axe with undeniable stage presence based on Alex Lifeson's own.

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