A clever foot controller that saves space and enables sonic insanity.

The potential of many pedals goes unmet because a player doesn’t have—or bother to use—an expression pedal. The rugged Boss EV-30 offers a great way to solve that simple problem. But one of the best things about the EV-30 is the way you can harness the untapped possibilities of two expression pedal-enabled stompboxes. The other best thing? The resulting sounds can range from subtle tone shifts to psychotic sonic episodes.

The extra functionality of the EV-30 takes a minute to sort. Two controls labeled “min” let you dial in the expressive range of each output. And if you want to dial in very specific relationships between two effects, you’ll need some patience. But exploring such nebulous relationships is great fun. And the way respective sweeps collide and slide past one another exploits the personalities (or personality clash) of familiar effects in unexpected ways.

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Boss celebrates 40 years of the DS-1 Distortion and at the same time introduces a new amp series and expression pedal.

Boss Acoustic Singer Amplifier Series

Anaheim, CA (January 18, 2017)

Boss Introduces New Acoustic Singer Amplifier Series

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