fender super reverb

By jumping the bass and normal channels on a black-panel Fender Bassman and applying some simple settings tweaks, you can achieve vintage-bass-tone bliss.

Learn how classic Fender amplifiers can be tweaked and retrofitted to give you smooth, vintage bass tones.

Those of you who have read my earlier columns know I am a diehard fan of the classic Fender tube amps, particularly the black- and silver-panel-era Fenders. They’re great tone platforms that can take you in many directions with various guitars and pedals, and they work just as well for harmonica, electric piano, and bass guitar due to their natural, straightforward tone. In this column, I’ll share my experiences and tips for running a bass through different Fender guitar amps.

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How to get more drive with a simple mod.

Hello Ask Amp Man fans. Well, this month I thought I'd do something a bit different. Instead of answering a reader question, I thought I'd make one up myself! I mean, why not? I write and read my column as well, so that makes me a reader, too! Here's my question to me.

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