greg koch

Blues-rock guitarist and gearhead Greg Koch steps into Rhett and Zach's virtual studio to talk all things tone, including part of his personal amp journey—from solid-state to the Fender Super Reverb—the makeup of his current rig, and the power of the Strat middle pickup.

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Fishman is introducing three new Fluence Signature Series pickup sets for Greg Koch, Devin Townsend and Stephen Carpenter.

Anaheim, CA (January 22, 2016) -- Among the many benefits of the groundbreaking Fluence technology, is its ability to create and sculpt multiple voices that evoke the best tones of pickups past. With the Signature series, Fishman R&D has collaborated with three leading artists to recreate the voices in their musical imaginations.

Each set of Fluence Signature pickups incorporates two unique voices that each player had been searching for, and may have achieved across multiple instruments, but are now available at the flick of a switch.

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